KiCrafts was born from a love of writing and beautiful stationery and capturing the beauty of nature; thus combining these interests into handmade, customized, personalized gifts.  What you receive are gifts  handcrafted made by Kiani...KiCrafts!

My name is Kiani. I've always enjoyed taking photographs of beautiful scenery and flowers. Many have suggested that I sell my photos. I decided to feature them in everyday books, calendars , bookmarks and so much more. 

When an unexpected illness caused medical bills to stack up, I decided to make calendars to make a few extra dollars. A relative of a relative suggested expanding to journals. So I tried but that seemed a little slow going. Then a coworker asked for a custom address book in large print for her parents. I listed it just to see how much attention it would get. Wouldn't you know address books have became my biggest seller! The photo I use on each page became my logo. 

Since then, many new products have been added to the gift shop.  Take a look around.  And don't hesitate to contact KiCrafts to have that special gift made just for you.